• Green Silicon Carbide Production Line

Green Silicon Carbide Production Line

chemical industry


grinding - classification - drying - screening

Below 100kg/h,100-300kg/h,500-1000kg/h,Over1000kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

Applicable Materials:

Zirconium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, nano silica, kyanite, cryolite, calcium carbonate, ammonium molybdate, lithium carbonate, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate,, hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, nickel sulfate, carbonate, stearate, iron oxide and other inorganic chemical products; phenylalanine, an amino phenol, vitamins, isophthalic acid, and other organic pigments, fine chemical products; battery materials, chemical pharmaceutical intermediates, fiberglass, plastic granules, zeolite, molybdenum ore, olivine, rare earth minerals

Technological process:

grinding - classification - drying - screening