• Tunnel Type Microwave Dried Small Shrimps/Drying Machine/Microwave Oven

Tunnel Type Microwave Dried Small Shrimps/Drying Machine/Microwave Oven

  Brief description:   1.keep original nutrition   2.excellent quality   3.low price   4.cover less area

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  The application and feartures of microwave dried small shrimp drying and sterilization machine:

  1, short drying time,.products with fragrance thick, even, colour and lustre is bright beautiful.

  2, selective heating. Because water molecules to microwave absorbing the best, so parts of high water content, absorb more microwave power than water content lower part. This is the characteristics of the selective heating, this feature can be used to do it fast, uniform heating and dry evenly.

  3, drying dehydration direction of moisture from the inside out, so the expansion effects of microwave drying equipment, is a great help for subsequent grinding.

  4, the green environmental protection equipment, energy saving and efficient. Microwave is a direct effect on material, without other intermediate conversion links and thus no additional heat loss, the air in the furnace with the corresponding container won't be hot, so the thermal efficiency is high, the production environment is improved significantly, compared with far infrared heating can be energy-saving 30%.

  5, easy to control, the craft is advanced. Compared with conventional method equipment out-of-the-box; There is no thermal inertia, convenient operation; Microwave power can be adjusted, speed adjustable. In the microwave heating in drying, sterilization, such as wastewater, waste gas, high and new technology is a harmless. Improve product quality, bringing economic benefits. And equipment working environment temperature is low, the noise is small, greatly improve the working conditions, and covers an area of saving

  6, dried shrimp, microwave drying equipment low temperature sterilization keep nutrients and traditional flavor. Microwave sterilization equipment is to be extremely hot and non-thermal effect of sterilization, compared with conventional thermal sterilization, can be in a lower temperature and shorter time to obtain the needed disinfection sterilization effect. Practice shows that generally the sterilization temperature at 75 ~ 80 °C can achieve effects, in addition, the microwave processing of food can keep more nutrients and flavor, such as colour, fragrance, taste, shape and expansion effect. Such as conventional thermal processing of vegetables keep vitamin C is 46% ~ 50%, and the microwave treatment is 60% ~ 90%; Conventional heating liver vitamin A stay at A rate of 58%, and the microwave heating is 84%.