• what is the features of microwave quartz sand drying

what is the features of microwave quartz sand drying

what is the features of microwave quartz sand drying

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  Microwave devices in everything in a thermal radiation, no dust and noise pollution, greatly improve

  the living environment, easy to implement the food hygiene of production requirements.

  1, to save energy costs: microwave drying process is the use of the microwave energy evenly

  through the technology of micro powder polar molecules to wave, save a lot of heat loss, energy

  conversion efficiency of microwave energy is as high as 93% above. Greatly reduces the production


  2, improve the quality of the products: powder is inside the sealed microwave cavity, in the static

  on the conveyor belt of uniform complete microwave effect, avoid friction and collision particles or

  with mechanical wall, to a certain extent, the effective protection of micro powder edges, resulting in

  uniform drying, sharp edges and particle shape.

  3, reduce the labor costs: my company at the beginning of the product design, will give full

  consideration to both upstream and downstream and microwave devices of seamless docking, PLC

  touch screen control, human-machine interface fully automated operation, saving labor costs, to the

  greatest extent to improve the degree of automation equipment.

  4, no dust pollution, the traditional heat conduction drying methods have serious dust pollution, and

  a big impact on production employees health, microwave drying is done in micro negative pressure,

  static, sealing condition dry, put an end to the traditional dry dust pollution.