• Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine

  Meat processing, seafood processing, soy products, soy products, food


vacuum packaging, sterilization


  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

  Characteristics and Advantages

  1. Combined with pneumatic, mechanical and electric system. The machine is to achieve automatic continuous working of feeding, forming, demoulding, transverse cutting and stacking etc. It adopts PLC control system to make the machine working more reliable.

  2. It adopts photocell to control the feeding be more stable and reliable, the feeding width and length can be adjusted steplessly, it is suitable for arranging different mould. It has an advantage of high efficient.

  3. Two-step vacuum function is suitable for making the large depth products and male, female mould forming. Mould replacement is convenient and fast.

  4. Adopted hollow far infrared heating piece to equip with up and down heating system, it has automatic temperature control system.

  5. With wind cooling and water fog system, it can work continuously without water-cooling system, is suitable for producing non-metal mould.

  6. With double-shaft loosening device, transverse cutting and pilling unit, to improve production efficiency.