• Industrial Microwave Continuous Working Belt Drying Equipment

Industrial Microwave Continuous Working Belt Drying Equipment

Food,Agricultural,Pharmaceutical,Powder,Metallurgical,Laboratory Application,Other  Food,Agricultural,Pharmaceutical,Powder,Metallurgical,Laboratory Application,Other



over 200Kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle


         Agricultural, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, powders, non-ferrous metals, ect.

  Suitable material: Foods such as soybean products, flowers, edible fungus, grains, dried fruit, snack foods, additives and extruded products, ect.

  Powder material, such as tungsten, silicon carbide, diamond, ect.

  Medical, such as pharmaceutical intermediates, herbal, pills, powders, ect.;

  Chemicals, such as rubber chemicals, inorganic salts, catalyst ect.

  Technology and specification

  Preparation process can be done seamlessly, and realize automatic feeding, spreading, receiving.

  Dehumidification mode is the vertical type on the top or hot air counterflow.

  Spreading thickness and transmission speed, microwave power and temperature can be automatically adjusted to realize intelligent production.



      1, Control modes:

  PLC control, man-machine interface operation, high automation degree.

  The console is arranged in the feeding end equipment, using PLC and image monitoring technology (monitoring points: intermediate operating cavity), realized the visualization of the drying process. With preventing microwave leakage detection device can realize the automatic alarm function.

  2, Power control:

  Packet control microwave system, achieved a high degree of automation and humanization idea industrial microwave equipment according to set program automatic adjustment output microwave intensity;

  3, Temperature control:

  Using the real-time temperature measuring precision in the drying process, according to the set temperature requirements, automatic regulated microwave field strength. Configure automatic smoke sensing device, overheat burning , automatic shutdown. realized the process requirements and equipment self protection function;

  4, Setting the emergency switch, circuit arranged in neat rows, obvious marks, line machine.