• Industrial Microwave Vertical Sterilization Machine

Industrial Microwave Vertical Sterilization Machine

Spice, Medical pill, Red Chilli, Raw Material

Electrical, other

Sterilization, Deep heating

Over 30Kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

  Microwave is issued by the microwave generator, formed a strong magnetic field in the microwave sterilization cavity. The water molecules in the material produced high speed reciprocating motion by the polarity change in the magnetic field, friction heat, and then for the purpose of sterilization. After starting up, material are distributed on the transmission belt of the feeding system, Driving by the transmission belt and through microwave heating cavity with uniform speed, increased the temperature in the microwave heating cavity to achieve the purpose of sterilization. The temperature of the material can be set by the user according to need , normal temperature 200 degrees adjustable. Material will reach to the cropping system, then microwave drying and sterilization process was completed.



        1. High stability

  Independent R&D and manufacturing of core components, continuous operation is stable and reliable. Aterilization fast, uniform, the nutritional composition is not affected, at the same time, for soybean and spices, having perfuming effect, improving material quality.

  2. High Intelligence

  Embedded control systems, a key to start, data available online and wireless transmission. It didn't need preheating, didn't depend on the artificial experience, save time and effort.

  3. Strict safety standards

  Air load protection, prevention of microwave leakage ( GB ). Controlled by PLC, temperature, speed, spreading thickness and other parameters can be set, and then stored in PLC, achieved one key to boot and a key off in production.

  4. Fine manufacturing process

  Adopting imported equipment manufacturing; electrical components by pouring welding process. Compared with other drying methods, it is clean, environmental. At the same time, the operation of microwave sterilization machine will be in an independent space by a glass room; and established a special channel for your customer to visit. Improved your company image.