• Industrial Vacuum Microwave Drying Oven

Industrial Vacuum Microwave Drying Oven

Application Materials: Suitable material: Chinese herbal medicine extracts, pills, medicine intermediate, anaerobic reactions of Chinese and Western medicines, chemical, all kinds of health products with heat-sensitive ingredients, new product resear


Drying with low temperature

Over 50Kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

        Vertical  vacuum-microwave drying equipment is a new technology using microwave drying material at low temperature, vacuum, oxygen-Barrier, with a fast-drying, high efficiency, low temperature oxygen and energy efficient features. Under negative pressure, microwave can dry material quickly by reducing the boiling point of water.

  Vertical  vacuum-microwave drying equipment use intermittent operation mode, with tray bearing material, artificial loading & unloading material, simple operation, accurate temperature control. Microwave Field Density can be adjusted automatically according to drying degree of material. at the same time, vertical microwave can set various programs according to different variety of materials production process, at the same time optimize production, to achieve real intelligent control.



         1. High stability

  Independent R&D and manufacturing of core components, continuous operation is stable and reliable. Drying fast, uniform, the nutritional composition and color is not affected in an vacuum environment,

  2. High Intelligence

  Embedded control systems, a key to start, data available online and wireless transmission. It didn't need preheating, didn't depend on the artificial experience, save time and effort.

  3. Strict safety standards

  Air load protection, prevention of microwave leakage ( GB ). Controlled by PLC, temperature, speed, spreading thickness and other parameters can be set, and then stored in PLC, achieved one key to boot and a key off in production.

  4. Fine manufacturing process

  Adopting imported equipment manufacturing; electrical components by pouring welding process. Microwave heating, raw material is heated evenly, and the cavity environment is not heated, no heat loss.