• Industrial Microwave Multi-belt Continuous Equipment

Industrial Microwave Multi-belt Continuous Equipment

Application Materials: Suitable material: food products, such as flowers, edible fungus, grains, additives and so on;Medicine, such as Chinese herbal medicine, water pills, honey pills, etc;Chemicals, such as rubber chemicals, inorganic salts, cataly

Electrical, hot air, steam, other


Over 300Kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

Drive mode can be divided into belt type, chain plate type, mesh belt type, etc. mainly suitable for heating, drying, sterilizing, puffing, with the features of environmental protection, energy saving, efficiency and so on.



        1. High stability

  Independent R&D and manufacturing of core components, continuous operation is stable and reliable. and using the real-time temperature measuring precision in the drying and sterilization process, according to the set temperature requirements, automatic regulated microwave field strength.

  2. High Intelligence

  Embedded control systems, a key to start, data available online and wireless transmission. Microwave drying and sterilization, raw material is heated evenly, and the cavity environment is not heated, no heat loss.

  3. Strict safety standards

  Air load protection, prevention of microwave leakage ( GB ). at the same time,Setting the emergency switch.

  4. Fine manufacturing process

  Adopting imported equipment manufacturing; electrical components by pouring welding process.  It didn't need preheating, didn't depend on the artificial experience, save time and effort.