• Industrial Microwave Continuous High Temperature Sintering Equipment

Industrial Microwave Continuous High Temperature Sintering Equipment


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Over 500Kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

        The device is designed by our independent research and development of microwave high temperature sintering furnace, maximum sintering temperatur.

  Application:Widely used in Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and ceramics, nonferrous metal industry, ect.e of materials up to 1400 deg c, which is a modern thermal equipment of continuous firing.


       Multi-mode rectangular microwave cavity and expansion joints in series, each Chamber individually processed, with standard flange connections between each other, so as to facilitate the processing, transportation, installation and commissioning.

  Internal and external thermal insulation structures, ensuring full use of energy, improving the work environment.

  The special structure of the kiln car, guaranteed kiln car running smoothly under the high temperature.

  Temperature uniformity, process consistency will be better, overall quality improved significantly ;

  Process has good controllability; the process cycle is shorten significantly ; production efficiency increase greatly.

  Achieve continuous conveyor and loading & unloading automation.