• Dried Onion/Onion Powder Processing Line

Dried Onion/Onion Powder Processing Line

garlic, pepper ,carrot,mushrooms, cabbages, potato, tomatoes,asparagus lettuce, spinach,peas ,etc


onion top and tail cutting,wahshing,peeling ,slicing,drying ,packing

Below 100kg/h,300kg-500/h,600-800kg/h,Over1000kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

Applicable Materials:

onion, bamboo shoot, garlic, pepper ,carrot,mushrooms, cabbages, potato, tomatoes,
asparagus lettuce, spinach,peas, lentils.beans etc.

The production line is based on the current advanced processing flow and prune processing features as well as the requirements on intelligent production.

Technological process:

Fresh onion top and tail cutting→ onion washing machine→Onion peeling →Onion slicing→Drying →Packing