• Flash Drying Equipment

Flash Drying Equipment

Absorbed the foreign advanced equipment and technology,our factory and Shenyang Chemical Research Institute of the Chemical Ministry of the State have developed this machine.This is a new kind of drying equipment used for drying the materials,such as paste state, cake state, thermal sensitive powder and particles.Our factory is equipped with the testing sample machine,which can be used for carrying out the drying tests of various feeds for our users and for to provide the parameters to select the applicable machine

Inorganic Organic Ceramics dyestuff Foodstuff

  Steam/electricity/gas furnace


20-800 kg/h

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

 1.The material is acted by centrifugal force, shearing force, impact and friction, the particle is very small and is in high degree distributing state.

  2.Meanwhile the relative speed between air and solid is big, it strengths mass and heat transmission. So it makes the machine has high output.

  3.The hot air will enter into the bottom of the dryer and produce vigorous eddy airflow. it will produce strong washing out and eliminate the phenomenon of adhering wall.

  4.At the area of high temperature at the bottom of dryer, thermal sensitive material does not contact with hot surface. It solves coking and discoloring problem of thermal sensitive material.

  5.Because high cycle speed and short staying time of material in flash dryer chamber, high efficiency and big production of small equipment can be got.

  6.There is eddy piece in flash dryer chamber. It can control moisture of material at lowest level.

  7.The distributor at up part of flash dryer chamber can control size and humidity of material at outlet.