• Boiling drier

Boiling drier

 High drying speed and uniform  Temperature,hermetic and unpolluted draught after being filtered Simple operation and easy cleaning

Medicine, food, feed, chemical industry and other fields dry wet granular and powder materials




  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

 Put the material (seaweed) into the charging hopper. Meanwhile the fire-gas burner will fire the gas to provide the heat with suitable temperature for the dryer machine, and filter the dust in the air by the filter.

  When the hot air gets through the Dutch sieve, the material is fluidized by the Induced draft fan and dried. After the material is dried, then the dried material will collect in the container finally. And the wet air will flow out of machine through the Bag dust collector that set in the top of the dryer machine, to avoid that the wet air take out the dried material.

  1. The charging hopper is cylindraceous with no dead angle, even drying and easy cleaning, simple operation

  2.The filter pocket, adopting the antistatic fiber, has well ventilation and excellent deduct effect. So it is safe and reliable.

  3.It is equipped with stirring set in the bed avoiding the block of the material.

  4. It features the great fluidized range, high drying speed and uniform

  5.Temperature,hermetic and unpolluted draught after being filtered