•   The tea baking oven

  The tea baking oven

Tea drying machine with the unique air duct design, the more uniform, lower noise. Excellent insulation , heat insulation and energy saving. The calcium silicate board, increases thermal insulation effect. Intelligent temperature control system, convenient operation, control precision. Dual temperature control design, protection in place. The phase sequence protection, open-phase protection of motor.

  Tea, Herb , Spices , Food , Fruit , Vegetable ,Nut




  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle

 1.The use of high-precision electronic thermostat control temperature, drying even better; at the same time additional mechanical temperature limiter device, the temperature control system for double protection to ensure the safety of temperature control;

  2. The use of three-phase power supply models, an increase of phase protection device, safe and reliable;

  3. The use of high-quality environmentally friendly insulation materials, effectively improve the insulation performance, so energy saving;

  4. The use of circulating duct, so that the temperature inside the box more uniform;

  5. The use of rotating material rack, so that the material drying more uniform;

  6. The machine adopts the car paint to carry out the surface spray, the paint is firm, the rust is rusty.

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