•   Fluid bed dryer

  Fluid bed dryer

 1, the equipment drying time is short, only takes about 6 minutes for the whole drying process, the general effective ingredients will not be destroyed. 2, adjustable weir plate is set at the discharge port, by adjusting the height of the weir plate, you can control stayed drying time of the material so as to make sure that final water content of materials meets the requirements 3, perforated plate adopts back pressure process to ensure flatness of perforated plate, to avoid the deadline in the process of material running. 4, there are multiple wind inlet to the lower bed, so that the hot air through the material layer is more uniform.

 GLW fluidized bed dryer is suitable for drying of grain whose average particle size is 50-5000 micron, powder, massive and heat-sensitive material. It is widely used in many fields,including chemical industry, mining, medicine, food, grain processin

  Gas/Coal/Electricity etc



  • Equipment Introduction
  • Technical Parameter
  • Working Principle
The process equipment is composed of four major parts: heating system, drying system, dust removal system, electronic control system.

  1, Heating System:

  The dry air entering the equipment is clean air filtered through the primary filter which adopts non-woven fabrics, mainly to prevent the insects into the tower and filter the general dust in the air to prevent pollution. Filter is easy to disassemble, clean and check.

  2, Drying System:

  Drying system is composed of hot air duct, main body, insulation layer, discharge pipe, observation cleaning door and other major components. The heated air heated by the hot air stove enters the fluid bed through the hot air duct, and then goes out with moisture after going through the screen plate and heat exchange with material.

  Adjust the amplitude of the vibration motor to control the material residence time.

  Fluid bed is equipped with observation cleaning door, in order to facilitate the observation of dry conditions, to meet the convenient discharge, complete process requirements.

  Insulation materials adopts ultra-fine glass wool, unilateral thickness of 50mm, good insulation effect.

  To ensure the purity of the product, stencils and the upper box are made of stainless steel SUS304 material, welded by precision polishing, smooth surface, no adsorption of material, easy to clean.

  Welded by precision polishing, the surface is smooth, no bump phenomenon.

  3, Dust Removal System:

  The material is mainly discharged from the fluid bed discharge, the fine powder collected by the efficient cyclone separator, discharge is convenient, no dust.

  4, Electrical Control System:

  All the components of the entire electrical control cabinet are used well-known brands.

  Operation buttons, digital display instruments ... ... are installed in the operating cabinet, easy to operate, reasonable layout, clear and eye-catching