Dual counter-rotating shafts paddle drying machine /waste treatment machine paddle dryer

2018-11-13 20:19

Dual counter-rotating shafts with unique intermeshing hollow wedge-shaped paddles produce intimate mixing, optimize heat transfer, and provide a self-cleaning feature. A large heat transfer area to volume ratio is achieved by the use of hollow paddles and a jacketed vessel, through which the heating medium flows. The result is an efficient, compact machine with less space requirements and lower installation cost.


Low Operation Cost

1. Easy to operate

2. Requires minimal attention

3. High efficiency

Low Maintenance Cost

1.Designed for high torque and low operating speed

2. Simple durable design for easy and low maintenance

3.No internal parts to adjust or maintain

4. Shafts, pillow block bearings, and drive components are designed for long life under adverse conditions, insuring long term mechanical integrity


paddle dryer.png


Low Installation Cost

1.Designed with compact structure

2.Small off-gas system

3.Vertical shaft removal reduces building size requirements



The Hollow Paddle Dryer has a metal wall which separates the process mass from the heat source (steam or hot oil). High thermal efficiency is obtained because the heat from the thermal medium goes directly into the process mass. As the material comes into contact with the heated through and agitators, the process mass is heated via conduction. With an insulated dryer, very little heat is lost. To evaporate 1kg of water only requires about 1.2kg of steam for slurry materials. Exhaust gas is minimal and at a low temperature. Therefore, the volume of non-condensable gas from the dryer, which might require treatment, is minimal.