• Seafood smoking machine/meat smoker oven

Seafood smoking machine/meat smoker oven


       Smoking chamber: all the components inside and outside are made of stainless steel, durable for corrosion resistance; meat processing in the chamber can be accompl ished by setting technical parameters.

  Heating system: it automatically generates steam to heat products directly and the steam output can be adjusted based on the amount of products to be processed, but the pressure in the chamber should not be >0.8 M pa.

  Air circulation system: machine top is equipped with twos peed electric fan, which helps the temperature consistency during processing products to ensure products quality after process.

  Smoke system: there is a fuming plate and the operator can adjust the time and smoke amount by the smoke switch button.

  Electrical control system: fully automatic electric computer controlling and monitoring of processing food, easy and safe to operate.

Customer Glance

  Features :

  1. This machine is of electric heating, hot air (drying or baking), smoking, exhaust

  and other functions.

  2.According to the user's freedom to combine to achieve a variety of processing

  techniques, available for the user to call.

  3. Heating temperature by heating, heating effect is quick, convenient operation, no

  boiler, no steam manufacturer.

  4.Using stainless steel structure, ultra thick interlayer filled with heat preservation

  material, reducing energy consumption.

  5. The process parameters (time, temperature, etc.) by the electrical control panel

  full control, can ensure accurate.

  6. The work completed or the halfway machine malfunction, with automatic alarm


  7. There are two temperature sensing probes.